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It's Time to Sell Podcast: Strategies for 21st Century Selling

Feb 14, 2016

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I hope you’re having a great weekend. Did you do anything to sharpen your saw, as Stephen Covey says?


I’m reading Adam Grant’s new book, titled Originals: How Non-Conformists Move the...

Feb 11, 2016

An entrepreneur wears many hats: idea formation, idea promotion, idea building, idea delivery, idea scaling, idea restructuring, and so on. Entrepreneurs have within themselves experiences that, if shared with others, can provide immense value to their personal brands, their companies’ brands, other entrepreneurs, and...

Feb 7, 2016

Have you kicked off February with the same energy that you kicked off January?


Ohhh, . . . did that question strike a chord in you? Be honest.


If I’m being entirely honest with myself, which I’m trying to be, I have to say the answer to that question for me is no. If I had to put a number on it, I would say...

Feb 5, 2016

A couple of weeks ago, I had a phone call with a friend I had met here on LinkedIn. He was going to be interviewed the next day for an account manager role at a thriving technology company. He asked for my advice on how to approach the interview.


Here’s the situation: John describes himself as a creative type....

Feb 4, 2016

Anyone who has spent more than a month in a customer-facing role has had to deal with a not-so-happy customer. According to my research, it is the #1 reason that people move out of such roles and into the comfort of the back office.


Just last week, I had coffee with an entrepreneur who was having a rough week dealing...