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It's Time to Sell Podcast: Strategies for 21st Century Selling

Jul 25, 2016

Today we have Deb Helfrich and Dr. Gary Sharpe, founders of Out-Thinking Parkinson’s. They focus on highlighting quality of life interventions for people affected by Parkinson's disease.

Dr Gary Sharpe, PhD is a scientist, engineer, writer and digital media expert, diagnosed with Early Onset Parkinson's Disease...

Jul 13, 2016

Today on the show we have Tsufit. We connected on LinkedIn about a month ago when I joined a group Jim Murray suggested – Step into the Spotlight.

Tsufit practiced as a downtown litigation lawyer before, one day, leaving law for the limelight, performing comedy on national television and gaining international...

Jul 4, 2016

Today I have a very special guest, and it’s none other than Candice Galek, CEO of BikiniLuxe.

She is a young female entrepreneur who has a knack for asking the question, "Why?"

A Cuban coffee connoisseur, INC Columnist, and hobby tennis player, Candice has done such a great job at promoting her personal and business...