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It's Time to Sell Podcast: Strategies for 21st Century Selling

Mar 7, 2018

What do you do when the business you thought was the amalgamation of everything you loved, ends up drowning you in 700k worth of debt?

For Jena Rodriguez, the decision to quit didn’t come easy.
Jena started out from corporate America, ventured into fashion design and makeup artistry, then jumped into entrepreneurship in 2006. She took the leap of faith and bought a woman’s boutique and cosmetic franchise, which brought all of her interests together.

She thought it was the best thing ever, until she found herself sitting in front of a bankruptcy attorney one year later. Even though she made multiple 6-figures, it wasn’t enough to keep her business afloat. She had to pull the plug.

Today on the podcast she shares with us her entrepreneurial journey - from filing for bankruptcy, to working with her husband, to firing her husband, and eventually becoming the CEO of Brave Masters, Inc.

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"I was $700,000 in debt"

She had to pull the trigger and call it quits, so she filed for bankruptcy on her first business.

The next day, she had to choose: whether to quit and go back to the J-O-B and the comfort zone, or get back up and choose a new direction. She didn’t know what she was going to do, but what was clear was she didn’t want to work for someone else.

Her husband at the time was a musician and ran a web and graphic design company. She became his partner and grew that business over the years, until she reached that point in 2012 when that no longer served her.

She ended up firing her husband and rebranded the business as Brand with Jena.

"Entrepreneurship is not the easy way - it’s the brave way."

Being brave is absolutely part of who she is and has been a staple in everything she did since she was a child. She really started to recognize that conversation a couple of years ago when she was asking "What does it take to become an entrepreneur?"

It was on another podcast that she said, "Entrepreneurship is not the easy way - it’s the brave way."

That statement took a life of its own, and she realized that that was her underlying message, passion and purpose, which is to help people really realize their unrealized potential.

Bravemasters is about being true and authentic to the brand that you are.


The Marketing Mix


There are multiple ways to market, and she calls it "The Marketing Mix" - having the offline and the online going on simultaneously. We’re in such an amazing world where we can be online and reach all kinds of people that we wouldn’t have had access to before, and at the same time people want the human connection.

In her business, not only does she speak in person but she also speaks via video like Facebook Live. She says that video really is the next best thing to getting people to connect with who you are as a live person versus just something written.


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