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It's Time to Sell Podcast: Strategies for 21st Century Selling

May 30, 2018

The way people buy is very different nowadays, and it seems like you need to be in multiple places at once.

You need to be offline, servicing clients well and picking up referrals, and at the same time, be online so people find you when they search for you.

Today on the podcast we have Benjamin Walker, Founder and CEO at Transcription Outsourcing, LLC. They work with government agencies, single practice attorneys, physicians, as well as entire university systems to provide fast, accurate and reliable transcription services.

In this short episode, we talk about the evolution of sales, the importance of an online presence, and being the face of your company.

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The Evolution of Sales

Sales did not come naturally for Ben. He realized he wasn’t very good at it, but he forced himself to do it.

Sales was easier when he first started out, especially in the medical industry because back then his was the only transcription company that would go to medical events, so they didn’t have a lot of choices.

“Once you get in with a few people, the word spreads. It was easier then.

Now, seven and a half, eight years later, everyone Googles it before they even pick up the phone or look at your business card again.

It’s different.”

Professional Branding

It fell into place when he first met John White at Social Marketing Solutions. John always popped up on his LinkedIn feed and so one day he sent him a message, asking to meet up.

“I’ve used this PR company and I’m not sure it’s working the way I had hoped.

He went through all my stuff and said, “Well it’s because you’re not the face of the company. You’re trying to make Transcription Outsourcing in your logo the face of the company – it needs to be you.”

So we talked about that and he said, “Ben, no one’s going to promote your company for you; you have to do it yourself.”

Focus on What You Are Good At

If you’re an entrepreneur, there will come a time when you just can’t do everything. You will have to focus on what you’re good that, and hire other people for things that are not within your zone of genius.

“I came to the realization two, two and half years ago that my employees were better at closing prospects than I was.

Now when I get calls or emails for transcription services, I forward it to the appropriate person that runs that team, and then I let them run with the lead. They close more than me.”



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