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It's Time to Sell Podcast: Strategies for 21st Century Selling

Sep 12, 2016


This month, we are deep-diving into what it takes as an entrepreneur to maintain a consistent mindset that enables you to be successful and attract new clients to your business.

Today my guest is Jessica Rhodes, Founder and CEO of Interview Connections - the premier source for booking outstanding podcast guests.

I thoroughly enjoyed this episode and I hope you do, too. 

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The reality is, growing a business is hard work.

Always be marketing.

Show notes

[02:42] Benefits of podcasting

[03:52] How Jessica started her podcasting business

[06:45] From freelancer to entrepreneur

[07:59] All about podcasting

[14:01] My #1 asset

[17:15] Maintaining the right mindset

[20:18] Routines and consistency

[21:10] Delegating and managing a team – Jessica’s “key to success”

[22:31] How VAs can make your business better

[25:55] Long-term vision

[31:59] Why you should guest on a podcast

[38:38] Podcasting best practices



Connect with Jessica on Twitter @jessrhodesbiz, Facebook and LinkedIn

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