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It's Time to Sell Podcast: Strategies for 21st Century Selling

Nov 6, 2016

Today I’m talking with Stephen Christopher. Stephen is the founder of Seequs Digital Marketing, a web marketing firm designed to help business owners achieve results they never thought possible.

Before starting Seequs, Stephen ran several award-winning businesses, one of which was a mortgage company from 2004-2008. With the crash of the mortgage industry in 2008, he learned what it was like to go from profitable to $100,000 in debt literally overnight.

We talked a lot about social media and online marketing in this episode, as well how Stephen stimulates action and create more sales and action for his business.

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“When we niched down, business started to flow to us much more than us having to go out and get it.”

Show notes

[02:11] Stephen’s entrepreneurial journey

[03:51] $100,000 in debt in 72 hours

[04:28] Getting into digital marketing

[06:07] From Employee to Entrepreneur

[08:58] What drives you to sell?

[10:39] Creating a false sense of urgency

[13:40] From mortgage to marketing

[16:02] Getting referrals

[17:02] Building relationships with ideal clients

[18:38] Standing out from the competition

[19:35] Sales techniques

[21:00] How to take care of your clients/customers

[22:11] Personal branding and starting a podcast

[24:57] Repurposing your content

[27:38] Monetizing your content

[30:06] Preparing your audience for a sale

[31:21] Sequus Digital Marketing

[33:41] Find your niche



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