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It's Time to Sell Podcast: Strategies for 21st Century Selling

Jan 25, 2017

Today we have LinkedIn Coach Bruce Johnston.

Bruce teaches people and companies how to solve their problems and get more opportunities, connections and leads out of LinkedIn.

In this episode we talk about how to best use LinkedIn as a sales professional or a sales-minded entrepreneur.


Show notes

[02:07] How Bruce got started on LinkedIn

[06:31] Optimizing your LinkedIn profile

[08:15] Connecting with others on LinkedIn

[11:30] My own strategy of connecting with people

[12:50] The strategy of publishing content

[17:07] How to get traction if you’re new to LinkedIn publishing

[19:20] LinkedIn pods

[25:00] Sales Navigator

[28:51] LinkedIn as a database

[31:47] Creating authentic connections

[36:06] Connecting with Bruce



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