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It's Time to Sell Podcast: Strategies for 21st Century Selling

May 3, 2017

“We all hear – we hear the words that other people are saying. But our active listening skills aren’t great. I don’t think that’s deliberate, but I think most of us, we live in a busy world. As someone is talking to you, you’re hearing the words, but are you really listening?

Are you listening to their tone, or reading their body language? Or are you just getting ready for a response?

I think that’s the part that we miss very often."


Today my guest is Sarah “Sally” McCabe. Sally is an expert on empathy and empathy in the workplace.

We touch on a handful of topics, including personal branding and sales, but we focused more on empathy – how to develop a higher level of empathy, the prerequisite to empathy and what stops us from being empathetic towards others.

We also talk about how we, as entrepreneurs and sales-minded professionals, should be applying more empathy to our lives in a very genuine way that attract ideal clients to ourselves.

Below are a couple of excerpts from the episode:

How to develop empathy towards others

“Really listen. Put your cellphone down. Turn your screen away when someone’s talking to you.

We’ve all done it. If you get a phone call or if someone comes into your office and is talking to you, don’t check your email. Don’t even be tempted. Give people your undivided attention. It really makes a difference.”

What prevents us from being empathetic towards others

“If listening is a prerequisite to empathy, I think one of the killers is judging. We do it. Based on our beliefs and wherever those beliefs come from.

We all have certain beliefs and people that don’t believe the same things we do often we think are wrong.

Opening our minds to the fact that maybe they’re not wrong. Maybe they’re doing the best that they can with the information that they have. Just understanding that people don’t feel a certain way to hurt you or to disagree with you – they’re doing the best that they can! I think that if we just accept that, then it’s OK.”

The importance of empathy in sales and entrepreneurship

“Sales is about relationships, about people and about connecting. You’re solving problems that keep people awake at night.” And if you can’t empathize with them regarding those problems, you’re not going to come across as genuine, and potential customers will find it difficult to connect with you.


I think you’ll extract some great value from this episode. It actually is very much in line with my new program: The Successful Sales System.

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