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It's Time to Sell Podcast: Strategies for 21st Century Selling

Jul 12, 2017

This is the first episode in the Get Known Series.

Today’s episode is Get Known On YouTube with my very special guest, Brighton West. Brighton helps professional coaches use online video for marketing, sales funnels and online passive income products.

He has built a thriving community using YouTube that has resulted in him becoming successful in his business, which is video production and helping coaches and consultants grow their following using video.

This episode is all about YouTube: how to get started on the platform, build authority, leverage ads, avoid penalties, do basic video production, use YouTube tools, and a whole lot more.

Below are the major takeaways. But don’t miss out on the rest of the good stuff – listen to the entire episode!

How to start out on YouTube

  1. Start with how-to content. “There’s different types of content on YouTube in terms of how it gathers audience, but if you don’t have an audience, you need to grow an audience. YouTube is the second largest search engine and it’s the largest search engine for answering how-to questions.

You start putting up videos, the how-to questions that your potential clients have. That might be looking through your FAQs or looking through your competitors’ FAQ, what problems are out there that you can solve especially if they’re more unique problems.

One of my popular videos – I have an Apple watch and every once in a while it gets disconnected from my iPhone. This wasn’t necessarily for my business, but I wanted to remember how to do it, so shot a quick YouTube video saying, “Well, you push these buttons, do this, do this, and it’s back.”

Now it’s up on YouTube getting thousands of views. I actually turned advertising on and now I’m getting a little bit of revenue from it.

It’s like finding the answers. One thing I’ll do is I’ll look on blog posts. If I find the answer as a blog post but not as a video, I’ll be like, “Wow, ok, this is great! I’m going to turn this into a video,” and then new people find you.”

  1. Buying advertising. “YouTube advertising is cheap. Google AdWords has a little video section and you can target people and say, “I want business professionals in this age and only men, or only women,” or something like that.

They’ll be more likely to see your video before that little “Skip after 6 seconds” or on the side column as a recommended video.

The reason I say that when you’re first starting is, a $5 spend on advertising can take you from just getting 12 views, because that’s what your audience is, to getting hundreds of views.

A very small spend in advertising is having a huge proportional effect. What I’ve seen with a number of clients’ channels is, you do that ad spend and then the channel jumps up a little bit. It’s also talking with the algorithm if someone watches your video all the way through, then they’re likely to see it organically.”

  1. Don’t buy views or subscribers. “Spend the money directly with Google and get your video in front of your potential audience faster.”

The easiest thing you can do right now to build authority

Backgrounds build authority, or take away authority. They build trust. If you see Chris and he’s a small business sales expert and he’s got a lot of sales books behind him and he looks like he’s in a home office, that’s what you expect.

If he was shooting this from his nursery or something – I don’t know if you have kids or babies or something – that would feel off to you, so you would say, “Well, I don’t know if I can trust Chris. This doesn’t feel right.”

With me, you’re seeing in the background my video screen and my lights and my sound absorbing material – I’m shooting in my studio today.

There are ways to build that trust or to take it away, and a lot of people take it away.


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