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It's Time to Sell Podcast: Strategies for 21st Century Selling

Aug 9, 2017

“It’s almost like a catalyst for creating other content because it just keeps me active even though it’s only a ten-second piece of content, because it’s hard to sit down and write an article. Sometimes, you just don’t have it in you. You don’t have to write – voice. I have like 20 articles that are half-written. So it’s really almost like exercising your content and your creativity.”

Today’s episode is Get Known on Snapchat with Bill Flannery. Bill is a Regional Business Development Manager at Bauscher Hepp, Inc., and an experienced food and beverage product marketing executive.

Bill has shed some great light on how to use Snapchat for your business and your brand, how to repurpose content, how to find people to follow and a lot more. If you have any questions, feel free to drop them in the comments!

How to get started on Snapchat

You could go and seek out people. You could seek out people, find out – GaryVee has a snapcode. You could seek out all the high-level people that you want to follow, look at their content, influencers – self-proclaimed influencers, some of them.

And then you can just add friends. It’s somewhat like a cryptic platform, but for me that makes it that much more attractive because you create these barriers to entry. So fewer people are there that are my age group, definitely fewer that are in my space, maybe there’s fewer customers, right, I don’t know, but that’s okay. It doesn’t take me other than documenting my day.

It’s not like I’m losing business like I’m walking out of my call and I’m documenting my sales call with a salesperson. So it’s easy to create fluid content because of what I do already, but you just have to – you’d have to go and find people, follow people, do a little work.

What to post on Snapchat

To me, it’s like an article on LinkedIn. It’s a story of their day. And in your case, maybe you’re sharing the same sort of information that you’re sharing here. And maybe it’s that, combined with some of your day, the life in a day of a marketing guy from Canada.

It’s just a matter of what you can come up with creatively that will engage and entertain people.

Repurposing content from Snapchat

I use all of them. I’ll take content I create on Snapchat, whether it’s a video. Maybe it’s a call and I have to take that video and save it. It’s a ten-second video and I can repurpose them on Twitter, Instagram. So a lot of stuff on Instagram I have are snaps that I did.



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