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It's Time to Sell Podcast: Strategies for 21st Century Selling

Aug 1, 2018

“There’s a higher consciousness behind everything, and there’s nothing new under the sun – all information is already here. We just need to align to the information.” – Reggie Mckiver

You might be thinking, “Whoa, Chris. What does higher consciousness have to do with sales?”

Listen to the episode to find out.

Today’s amazing guest is Reggie Mckiver. Reggie is a Holistic Intuitive & teacher who has a unique gift to be able to ignite instant life transformation by showing you how to clear the energy of your past; push through the obstacles of your present; and get you on the journey to your new reality of living the life that you want.

Reggie is also a successful Herbalist & Spiritual Mentor and entrepreneur and has served his global clientele for almost 20 years. He truly loves to give you the tools that will change your mindset so you can have the life that you deserve with​ ease & grace.



In this episode, we talk about

  • coming into alignment,
  • being confident of and embracing your gifts,
  • the voice at the back of your head,
  • vision,
  • how to deal with self-doubt,
  • core beliefs,
  • mindset, and many more.

I was blown away by the wisdom that Reggie shared throughout the episode, so click that play button and listen until the end.

Coming Into Alignment

In life, people try so hard to find out what to do with their life.

“What to do?

What do I do?

How do I use it?”

Well, I teach coming to alignment because with every gift you were given in life, alignment is trying to find you.

Imagine taking the pressure off of yourself where you’re trying to figure out what to do next. My teaching is simply coming into alignment.

Are You Standing In Your Own Way?

You wouldn’t believe how many people are in their own way. If it’s marketing, if it’s sales – to me, salesmen are some of the greatest people on earth, because they have the chance to influence someone else’s mindset about something, that they may or may not know anything about.

“What do you see with most people? They come in and say, “Well, I have a problem with rejection. I have a problem with trying to sell people concepts.” They have all of these issues, but it’s their issues surrounded by a product that will work. “

And when you put your issues – I don’t care if it’s gold – if you put your issues on the selling of gold, someone will always outdo you even in selling something like gold.

“So what I teach people to do is this: either you’re going to stand in your way, or either you’re going to be successful.

Everyone has a gift, and everyone fits into the universe. Every one of us, whether it’s communication, whether it’s knowing, whether it’s intuition, we all have gifts. For every gift that shows up in your life, there’s something negative that will equally challenge the gift that’s inside of you.

Most people, they look at the negative things that happen with that, and they take the negative everywhere they go, when they are gifted to do the job.

“A negative energy shows up to kill, steal and destroy. It is an age-old method. If you allow this form of thinking to overtake you, then it would do what it’s designed to do.”

But I always ask the question, “When will you allow your gift to speak for you? When will you move out of your way and allow the gifting to take over and do what it’s supposed to do?”

Genuine Confidence

Did you ever struggle putting your gift out there with confidence? Let’s call a spade a spade – we are talking to a group of people in this world, the general population (for lack of a better word) who are not necessarily in tune with the energy that you’re expressing. Do you struggle to put yourself out there confidently, knowing that the majority of the population think that what you’re talking about and what I’m talking about is quite “woo-woo”?

No. Starting out, I did. Now, I realized, once you realize your place in the universe, nothing in the world can stop you. Because instead of looking at your obstacles, you look through your obstacles.

“If you are in the practice of raising the frequency and the vibration of everyone you come in contact with. There is no clearer thing in the universe or in the world than the day you discover your purpose. That day when you discover your purpose is simple. “

I teach people: People will always say what you say to yourself. And if you have a block in your subconscious mind that says, “They’re going to think that this is out of this world. They’re not going to believe me.”

“If that utters louder than your gift, then every time you open up with your gift, you will hear what you said in the back of your mind anyway.”

When I first started out, I would say, “Hey, I opened up an herbal store in a small town.” They said, “This business is not going to make it. People are not going to believe that. They need modern this, they need this.”

And I said, “Well, I’m here because what you’re doing, I agree with totally. But it’s not working.”

I heard you, I heard you said it wouldn’t last, but I’m going to show you.

And here’s the funny thing that happened with that: the same doctor, the same person who said I wouldn’t make it, after he saw the success of the business, he sent someone in the business to get something for him for an issue that he was having.


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