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It's Time to Sell Podcast: Strategies for 21st Century Selling

Apr 4, 2018

When was the last time you failed? What do you remember doing afterwards? Did you look for a solution from someone else, or did you turn your gaze inward?

Isaac Tolpin did the latter. In today’s episode he shares how he went from living the dream, to having no source of income, buried in debt, with a wife and children at home.

He also shares about perseverance, the importance of humility, and most especially, knowing your identity.

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The joy of selling

“If you can actually think of something, create it, and then someone buys it from you, and you watch how their joy takes off because of the product – that’s an incredible feeling.”

Discovering your superpower

Isaac shares that it’s necessary to go through some pain before you find the path of bliss. Your superpowers are going to be revealed not necessarily naturally, but through a painful process of overcoming objections, doing things that you might fail at, and getting into experiences that are uncomfortable.

Because we’re all wired differently, we have to get our identity nailed down.

If you’re less relational, you might sell more through listening and explaining facts at the right time. If you’re more relational, it might be the same thing – you have to practice more listening because you’re probably talking too much.

The number one place to look is within your own character.

Two years ago, Isaac had a company fail. Prior to that, he was doing very well financially and was living the dream life. He poured his money into a startup company and then it took more of his money.

He ended up having no source of income, and a lot of debt.

If you see yourself as successful and young and haven’t experienced a big failure, his warning to you is, in some ways, there’s nothing worse than that scenario.

When he was experiencing a lot of success, he got a little bit arrogant and prideful. And when something didn’t work out, it made him do a heart check.

“Who am I? Where did I go wrong? How do I improve?”


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