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It's Time to Sell Podcast: Strategies for 21st Century Selling

Sep 26, 2016

The Right Mindset to Attract Clients

In the last three episodes, I had great chats with three entrepreneurs - Kaye Putnam, Jessica Rhodes and Dov Gordon.

Kaye is a psychology-driven brand strategist who's best at building brands and customer experiences that are rich in personality and brand values.

Jessica is the Founder and CEO of Interview Connections - the premier source of booking outstanding podcast guests.

Dov specializes in helping consultants, coaches and other experts create a steady, consistent predictable flow of ideal clients.


We had a theme going for September and it was all about consistency and maintaining the right mindset when it comes to attracting clients.

Do you practice consistency in your business? How do you approach marketing? What sales and marketing tools do you use?

These are some of the many questions they've answered on the show, and they will make you change the way you do your business.

If you have any thoughts or questions regarding the episode(s) don't hesitate to reach out or comment below.