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It's Time to Sell Podcast: Strategies for 21st Century Selling

Jun 7, 2017

“If we had taken 24 months to map out a perfect business plan instead of just pushing through and figuring out, building a plane while you’re flying it, if we hadn’t have done that, then we probably wouldn’t have been successful.”

Today my very special guest is a great personal friend of mine, Ian Daley. Ian has recently jumped into his own personal branding endeavor and I thought he could share what it feels and looks like to start to put yourself out there and create a personal brand.

In this episode Ian shares the process he went through building his brand, his why, how to take imperfect action and a lot more. It really was a pleasure having him on the show and I hope you enjoy our conversation.

Take Imperfect Action

“There’s a lot of buzz around big data, analytics, all the things about plan, plan, plan – and those things are important. Planning and having a full understanding of the aspects of your business that you want to go into is key, but a lot of it’s just sometimes blind faith and action.”

Set Goals and Don’t Stop Learning

“…Number 1, always have an appetite for continuous learning and number 2 is setting goals. That’s what I started to deal with.

I always wanted to learn more about what I could do better and then always have a plan to get there. I think the goals thing is so important. We all have a winding road in getting there, but those two things, if you anchor yourself to that, I found that to be hugely impactful in my life in general, even outside of work.”

Stick to the Fundamentals

“I think the big thing for me too – and it’s not a word that jumps off on my website, but I’m a big fan of the fundamentals. I think as humans we tend to look for the advanced and the complex, and that’s just how we’re wired. Like, “what’s the next big thing,” or “what do we need to learn?”

But a lot of it comes back to fundamentals and for me it is keeping your mindset in the right place if you’re going to achieve”

How Mentors Can Help You

“The barriers are always between our head. Every barrier that we face that’s seemingly insurmountable has been broken through by somebody else, and is being broken through by somebody else right this very moment.

It’s not that it’s impossible; it’s how you think about it. Is it really impossible or is it just in between your head?

If you’re surrounded by people who are going to validate that, “Yes, that’s impossible. Don’t do it.” Then you’re going to believe that.

If you’re going to put yourself around people that can say, “I’ve done it; it’s actually totally doable,” that completely changes your line of thinking.”



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