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It's Time to Sell Podcast: Strategies for 21st Century Selling

Aug 16, 2017

“We don’t really have to put a hashtag into everything. Years back, hashtags were the way to search and then Twitter made this change a couple of years ago where you can search without the hashtags.”

This is the second to the last episode of the Get Known series, and today we have Madalyn Sklar. Madalyn is a marketing and branding expert with 21 years of experience, helping businesses exponentially grow their brand in an authentic and impactful way.

Ranked #1 social media influencer in Houston, Madalyn is a real force to be reckoned with. She hosts the #TwitterSmarter Twitter chat and podcast, and weekly #SocialROI chat.

In this episode we talk about tips and strategies on how to get started on Twitter, growing your audience, leveraging the platform for sales, and content marketing. There’s a lot of gold nuggets in this episode, so hit that play button below and enjoy!

How to get started on Twitter

“I think the biggest thing with Twitter is people get on there and think, ‘let me just post up and let me just push out and push out.’ But by doing that, you don’t get a whole lot in return.

It’s about engaging, it’s about chatting with people, having a discussion and through that, then they’ll check out your Twitter profile, then they’ll look at your post, then they’ll start liking and commenting and having a conversation about it.

Just posting purely as just the way you’re utilizing your Twitter is not really enough to make an impact.”

#Listen: Create Twitter Lists

There are two ways to go about it. Number one, you just want to go and listen.

Go to Twitter profiles of people in your business, people in your industry that you like and follow them. I would recommend making a Twitter list of all the top industry people that you look up to. If you put them in a list, you can keep track of them. That means, if you go to your home stream you’ll see the posts of everyone you follow.

I like to reciprocate and follow people. Not everybody, but I like to go look at their profile and if they’re somebody worthy of following, they’re active, they’re not spammers, I feel like this is a good connection then I will follow back. But then it becomes this dilemma like, okay, now my home screen is just going to be that much more full.

So I create this Twitter list so that I can see all the top social media marketers and know what they’re tweeting. I just go to this one list and they’re all there.

So the first thing is listening; listen to what people are talking about, organize with Twitter lists because they’ll make it so much easier.


I think Twitter chat is a great way to really get going with Twitter. We’ll use my #TwitterSmarter chat as an example.

Just imagine for one hour, a whole bunch of like-minded people coming together on Twitter, they’re all at this hashtag and having great conversation, and you could be part of that.

I run a chat called #TwitterSmarter, I’ve been running it for the last two years. Just like my podcast, it’s sharing Twitter tips. Every Thursday at one o’clock Eastern, you come on and you can just chat with other people about Twitter. I have a guest every week with a topic and we have a Q&A, but I invite the community that comes to the chat to come partake and be a part of the conversation.

It’s not just for the experts, so if you feel like you have something to contribute, by all means, come and share your two cents with each question.

What’s interesting for all the newbies out there is they feel like they’re gaining education. They come on and they watch and they tell me they take pages and pages of notes. You can learn so much just by coming on a really good Twitter chat.



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