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It's Time to Sell Podcast: Strategies for 21st Century Selling

Jul 13, 2016

Today on the show we have Tsufit. We connected on LinkedIn about a month ago when I joined a group Jim Murray suggested – Step into the Spotlight.

Tsufit practiced as a downtown litigation lawyer before, one day, leaving law for the limelight, performing comedy on national television and gaining international attention for her debut music CD.

Featured in Entrepreneur Magazine and hundreds of other media interviews, Tsufit is now a marketing strategist who coaches professionals, entrepreneurs and CEOs to be stars!

Our conversation was filled with so many tips on how to get noticed and getting started as an entrepreneur, so I hope you enjoy this episode.

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If you think you’re selling you, it’s going to be hard. #rightmindset #sales #service

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Attract, don’t chase. #Strategy #Business #entrepreneur #sales

It’s all about being visible, being credible, being irresistible and making them come to you. #ItsTimeToSell with @Tsufit

“Figure out what you’re really selling.” Great advice by @Tsufit on #ItsTimeToSell

When you finally figure out really what you stand for and what you want to get known for, write a book.

Better isn’t better. Different is better than better. #word @Tsufit on #ItsTimeToSell #entrepreneur #advice

Show notes

[04:09] Tsufit’s story – from lawyer to comedian to entrepreneur

[07:08] Coaching people how to get noticed

[11:31] Promoting yourself and your business

[13:01] Having the right sales mindset will make selling easier

[15:50] The secret to attracting clients

[18:48] Selling vs attracting

[20:16] Understand what you’re selling

[24:00] Three things you need to figure out first before diving deep into different forms of marketing

[27:21] How does an entrepreneur get visible and credible?

[33:00] Becoming an entrepreneur – where to start

[34:33] Leverage humor

[40:00] Get in front of other people’s audience

[46:24] Tsufit’s advice for those who are just starting out


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Check out the book, Step Into the Spotlight! By Tsufit

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