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It's Time to Sell Podcast: Strategies for 21st Century Selling

Apr 11, 2018

Sales and dating have a lot in common.

You’re not on the wrong page – this is the It’s Time to Sell podcast – but today we are going to touch on those topics with our special guest, Jenn Burton.

Jenn is a dating coach and host of the Single, Smart Female Podcast. She teaches women how to be authentic when dating, and how to attract stable, fun, witty and loving men.

In this episode, not only does she give practical tips on dating and romance, but she also shares how she used podcasting as an effective marketing platform, how she arrived at her current business model, and a lot more (seriously, there’s a lot more).

So click on that play button now to tune in to the rest of the episode. Happy listening!


Jenn’s daily routine

“I have great morning rituals that I engage in. I love to meditate; I love eating clean food. I used to hate cooking, but I cook now because I want my kiddo to have the best of clean, quality foods and good, substantial building blocks.

Then I go to my office every day and I consult with clients. I do something a little different than a typical therapist would.

I teach women how to be authentic in dating and not to change who they are as women, but to learn how to tweak their inner actions that sets up for a better love experience.”


If you need help in sales, ask for it.

At a certain level Jenn struggled with sales, but she embraced it at the same time. She found early on that some of the biggest rewards in life come from facing the things that scare you the most – and sales was definitely one of those things for her.

She knew she needed help, so she hired a sales coach right away. She learned to do sales in a way that felt good instead of slimy. She also learned to gauge how to not sell based on the things that really aggravated her.


Attracting the right clients through podcasting

Her successful podcast – Single, Smart Female – started as one of her major marketing arms. Sales-wise, she doesn't like to do social media, because she didn’t feel effective helping women on any social media platform as it takes too much time.

She can’t answer women’s love life questions in a simple comment or a post because it just doesn’t work that way. She decided to not worry about social media anymore because she doesn’t even recommend it that much for dating because of all the conflicts it can cause.

The podcast gave her a bigger platform, and it allowed her to concentrate all her marketing efforts in a place where she thought women could really hear her.

Through her podcast, she reached more of her target clients, which were highly educated women who had the attention span to listen (versus those who needed visual stimulation all the time).

So she focused all her energy into that and if women wanted more from her, they could either purchase one of her self-study programs, work with her privately, or enroll in her group program.



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